Jiyuan City, the legendary hometown of Yugong (literally old fool, an old man who removed two giant mountains in front of his house.) , lies in the northwest of Henan Province. It is at the foot of the Taihang and Wangwu mountains on the north and borders Yangcheng and Jincheng counties of Shanxi Province to the west. Facing to the Yellow River to the south and neighboring Qinyang and Mengzhou city to the east.

Jiyuan City covers an area of 1,981 square kilometers, of which 28 square kilometers is downtown area and 88% mountainous area. A boom town as it is, Jiyuan has developed many new industries.

Jishui River, one of the ancient "Four Rivers" with the Yangzi River, Yellow River and Huai River, originates from Jiyuan, literally the source of Jishui, hence deriving its name. According to the latest archaeological findings, as early as around 1,000 years ago, precisely at the end of the Paleolithic Period and the beginning of the Neolithic Period, people have lived here. It used to be the capital of the Xia Dynasty and was well known for its wealth between the Period of Warring States and Han Dynasty.

Jidu Temple is the only historical and cultural heritage of the four rivers: Changjiang, Yellow, Huaihe, and Jishui...

A well known hydraulic engineering was built in Wulongkou in ancient China. It is one of the four famous hydraulic engineering in ancient China which is valuable in scientific study and as cultural relic.

Wangwushan Mountain is one of nine famous mountains in ancient China. Legend has it that once an old man removed two giant mountains in front of his house, of which one of them is Wangwushan