In beautiful southern Henan, Zhumadian has long served as the region's communications hub. In ancient times, travelling messengers often took refuge in its exquisite lakesides and mountain communities. Also, as "the grain store of the country," the area's abundant farming resources proved welcoming to weary travellers, hence the city's name, "Zhumadian," which literally translates to: "a place to rest yourself and your horses." From these beginnings, Zhumadian grew into a city of 8.15 million residents and today functions as a key business and trade figure. "

Boasting unique and rich tourism resources, Zhumadian is surrounded by mountains and vast plains. Prominent sightseeing locations of this classically beautiful landscape are Boshan Mountain and Chaya Mountain, the "miniature landscape in Central China."

The high and steep Boshan Mountain, puts up an imposing front but is no danger to climb. With lakes dotted all around it, its landscape has a rare elegance and unity. Resting beside the mountain is the Boshan Lake Resort, a National Forest Park.

Chaya Mountain is an eastern extension of Funiushan. Here unique mountain patterns stretch over an expanse of 50 square kilometers. Because of its strategic location, Chaya has seen some interesting military and political events. In one early instance, during the wars of the Spring and Autumn Period, the Emperor of Wu was buried at the foot of Tianmo peak. Though over 2,500 years old, this tomb remains intact. Later, during the Tang Dynasty, General Shang Rang stationed his army here. To commemorate him and his time here, a cave is memorialized after him. Meanwhile, at the end of the Ming Dynasty, Gao Yingxiang, uncle of Li Zicheng, the rebel leader, took Chaya as his headquarters, leaving several relics to bear witness to his stay.

Among other local points of interests is the Old Residence of Yang Jingyu. Yang is a celebrated resistance leader from the time of the Japanese invasion. The Tomb of Li Si is also found in here, along with Huaguating, the site of Fu Xi's astrological rituals. Zhumadian's local cuisine is well represented by several fine products, including ground sesame oil, flavored beef, Queshan chestnuts and mutton soup.

Chaya Mountain lies to the south of Zhumadian city, 300 kilometers away from Wuhan and 180 kilometers from Zhengzhou. But this distance has been remarkably shortened by modern transportation, which makes Chaya's beautiful natural and historical resources accessible to visitors.

The Boshan Lake Resort has been given several official designations including "National Forest Park" and "Provincial Attraction." Covering an area of 240 km2 with a forest coverage of 90% and a waterside area of 22 km2, the Resort features many scenic islands and summits as well as sites of historic relevance.